psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

[1] First Name: Katharine
[2] Middle Name: Amy
[3] Last Name: Not telling you
[4] Nick Name[s]: Kate, Katie, Kat, Toilet (thank you, Joe. If you weren't my best friend, I'd thwap you).
[5]Gender: Female
[6] Age: 21
[7] Birthday: June 5th
[8] Height: 5'6"
[9] Weight: haven't been near a scales in years
[10] Hair Color: Dark
[11] Eye Color: Dark blue
[12] Skin Color: Very fair. Annoyingly so, in fact.
[13] Glasses: Wear them all the time
[14] Contacts: Not at the moment
[15] Braces: Used to
[16] Hair Short Or Long: Short
[17] You Were Born Where: London, England
[18] You Now Live: Either there or Brighton
[19] Astrology Sign: Gemini
[20] Chinese Zodiac Sign: Cockerel? Not sure
[21] Nationality: Canadian, Irish, Welsh, English
[22] Bad Habits: Too many to list
[23] Piercings: Yep
[24] If Yes Where & How Many, If No Do You Want Any: Two in each ear
[25] Tattoos: None
[26]If Yes How Many & Where, If No Want Any: Soon as I settle on a design

[27] Mothers Name: Suzanne
[28] Fathers Name: Martyn
[29] Brothers Name[s]: No brothers
[30] Sisters Name[s]: Felicity.
[31] Favorite Aunt: Jenny, my mother's sister-in-law.
[32] Favorite Uncle: Robin, my mum's brother.
[33] Favorite Grandparent: Both my paternal grandparents. They're the only ones left.
[34] Worst Relative: Er, I like them all. Maybe Becky, but only for her horrible boyfriend.
[35] Best Relative: My cousin Julie, and her baby son Adam.
[36] Best Family Memory: Pinning my mother's cousin Greg to the lawn with croquet hoops, aged nine, and him letting me do it.
[37] Do You Get Along With Your Parents: Most of the time
[38] Do Your Parents Understand You: Sometimes
[39] Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: Not really[.Pets.]
[40] Do You Have Any Pets: Yep
[41] Name[s]: Bubbles, Jasper, Oscar, Furby and Frisbee
[42] Type Of Animal[s]: Three cats, two chinchillas
[43] If You Don't Have A Pet Do You Want One: got some
[44] Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up Above: No

[45] Are You Still In School: No, university
[46] Did You Drop Out: No, although I thought about it
[47] Current Level: Final year
[48] Favorite Level: First year
[49] Worst level: A-level years
[50] Favorite Teacher: Rafe Hallett
[51] Worst Teacher: Adriana Bontea
[52] Favorite Subject: French, English
[53] Worst Subject: All sciences
[54] Do/DiD You Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: Buy, usually
[55] School Sports: No
[56] School cca: What's that?
[57] Popular Or What: What.
[58] Favorite Dance: Ewell Castle disco? That was usually fun, in an excruciating way
[59] Favorite Memory: jam sessions in the basement, in first year
[60] Worst Memory: Laurie, when he was drunk and harassing me
[61] Worst Dance: wasn't one
[62] Most Humiliating Moment: I was probably too drunk to remember

[63] Number: Haven't got one
[71] Movie: Lord of the Rings, Velvet Goldmine
[72] Magazine: SFX
[80] Color: Silver
[81] Season: Summer
[82] Holiday: Christmas
[83] Band: Right now? Bon Jovi
[84] Singer: George Michael
[85] Group: See 'band'
[86] Type Of Music: Just about anything
[87] Fast Song: none
[88] Slow Song: none

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