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Kay, Jo, I'm really sorry about my failure to RP with you last night (and for disappearing without warning and never coming back, Jo). Freeserve was apparently having issues, and my connection refused to work. For six hours, apart from about three minutes somewhere in the middle. *growls*

On another note, I'm now having Spike/Buffy bunnies based around Bon Jovi's "Save the World", which is one of the sweetest love songs I know.

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    I'm only posting this so I can see what the update button is doing.

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    My Coke just exploded all over my desk. Ew, sticky. (Yes, I'm bored)

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    Fri, 16:53: For the second month in a row, Payroll have screwed up my wages. I suppose I should be glad they at least paid me *something* this…

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