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[Jul. 1st, 2003|10:32 pm]
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Title: Jumping to Conclusions
Rating: G

Willow was having some me-time. After three years spent putting out various fires all around the world, she thought she deserved her first evening devoted solely to relaxation in a very long time.

The girl she currently had her eye on was a real hottie, although Willow was seriously reconsidering her choice at the moment. The girl was a real wannablessedbe, and unbelievably ditzy - but the good still just about balanced out the bad, so Willow was forebearing for the time being.

What was she talking about now? Oh - past lives. Groan.

"... so I went to see this fortune teller, and she said I was the reincarnation of an elf princess who fell in love with a human man and gave up her immortality to be with him!"

With an inward sigh and roll of the eyes, not believing a word of it, Willow forced herself to play along.

"Did she tell you what this elf princess's name was?"

"Arwen. Arwen Undomiel. Isn't that the best??"
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