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So, yesterday, I went into London, and t00bed around the city centre for a while as usual. I tried to go to the British Museum, but managed to end up in completely the wrong part of town, so I went to the National History museum and looked at stuffed mammals instead. That kept me amused until four o'clock, and then I went to The Concert.

It was stunning. I was too far back to see the stage properly, but I had quite a good view of the screens most of the time. Jon Bon Jovi just came across as such a genuine sweetheart - he said at the beginning that he didn't intend to let anybody down, and proved it at the end by doing five or six encores. It was so funny - he'd obviously been told he couldn't overrun because he'd be breaking the noise laws, or something, so when he did overrun by quite a lot, he kept talking about how they were going to throw him in jail, and would anybody be willing to bail him out if they did?

And at one point - there was a competition running before the show started, and the prize was to go up on stage and dance with the band - these three little girls, ages ranging from about six to about twelve, won it, and it was so unbelievably cute. They were up there dancing, and all got a kiss off Jon just before they left. And I really wish I'd been down the front, because he was grabbing all the people's hands that he could reach. But I think that area was for the fanclub, or you'd have had to pay extra, or something.

And he let the audience sing the choruses of some of the songs back to him. You haven't heard any song until you've heard it sung in chorus by 92,000 people. And at one point, Ray Davies from the Kinks came on as a special guest star, and they sang Lola! The last song was Never Say Goodbye, and I swear Jon was crying, singing it...

The playlist, not in order:

You Give Love a Bad Name
Livin' On a Prayer
Wanted Dead or Alive
Raise Your Hands
Never Say Goodbye
Dancing in the Streets
Twist and Shout
It's My Life
Just Older
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
Keep the Faith
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
In These Arms
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Bad Medicine
These Days
Lay Your Hands on Me
Born to Be My Baby
Blood on Blood
I'll Be There For You
The Distance

That's not all of them - there were a few I didn't recognise, so I can't name them here. But that was most of them.

Best. Night. Ever. Even if the general fuckwittage of Connex South Central did slightly spoil it at the end, still. Best. Night. Ever. With fireworks!


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