psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Bitter (Oz, G)

He came back for her. She was the only thing that could possibly have brought him back to Sunnydale.

He had worked so hard, been through so much, to get the wolf under control. All for her. And what did he find when he came back triumphant to rekindle the relationship?

She'd moved on. And she'd left him, not for Xander as he'd always half-expected, but for a woman.

He couldn't blame her - he had been gone a long time. But he never wanted to see her again.

Grim-faced, Oz drove out of Sunnydale and never looked back.

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    Dylan Thomas was full of shit. I'm glad she went gentle.

  • She's gone.

    22-10-72 -- 22-09-05. Time to rest, Kielle. Loved, missed and always remembered. Namárië.

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    For Kielle. We won't forget.

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