psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

New Boy on the Block (Billy Boyd/Lee Ingleby, PG). A Master and Commander drabble. This one's for dr_ninjapants, who is possibly the only other person in the world who knows who Lee Ingleby is. You'll all know his name, one day.


Billy has always had something of a predilection for pretty boys. He really, really enjoyed working on the Trilogy, even if he never got to do more than look at Orlando, and Elijah, and Dom.

He's slightly disturbed by how young Lee looks. But then he reminds himself that the lad is 24 and not jailbait by anybody's definition.

This is only Lee's second major movie and he's a little nervous. He's settling in fast, but he needs someone to show him the ropes.

When Lee graces him with that sharp wicked smile, Billy looks forward to being the one.

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