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From luinthoron: As much as I can tell, Greenie is an amazing author. Or else she wouldn't be on my site! :D Plus she also is a nice person to talk to on the 'Net, although I'm not talking to people, including her, often. Gives also nice comments on LJ. What else can I say? She's great, and that's it! :)

From maniacalmuse: Greenie seems like an interesting person who is well loved by all her friends. I wish I knew her better, and from the times that we have talked, she seems v. nice. She should feel happy and I know that lots of people loff her v. v. much. Go Greenie! w00t

From slashmuse: Greenie, The Green One, the Lady in Green.
I first met you at Slash Grievances when you joined many moons ago. You were the driving force behind many a squick. I also knew you from my smut. Yes, you enthusiastically *loved* my smutlettes of ewp (erotica without plot.) And now, you are my lj friend *hug*
I want you to know that you are adored, worshipped, and admired for the wonderful being that you are! Whether bubbly and vivacious or moody and concerned, you are always there to add a beautiful color to our lives. You make me smile and laugh, and you listen and share. You give far more *hugs* than you receive - so *giant hug*. I appreciate and love you for who you are without exception. Please continue to be nothing more than exactly who you are. *HUG*

From occultebelta: You're an amazing person in general. You RP brilliantly, and your writing is just awesome. I honestly think you're a far better RPer than most - even than me. So I have a bunch of characters - you play yours fully, and they seem to have so much more life. P/SS forever, of course. We don't get to talk much, but that'll hopefully change come the summer when I can stay up later.

From dontgiveahoot: What Greenie means to me: Melanie has always been a great friend, right from the moment she and I got into contact with each other. She has often encouraged me when I have felt lost, rejoiced with me in my small victories and commiserated in my disappointments. She writes beautifully, with a charm and atmosphere not many writers can boast. She is witty and clever and friendly, and most importantly she is an individual - something that many people her age are too afraid to be, and something that some people never become. What's more, she will become a great individual in her time, even if it is only to those who know her. ^_^

From ruthybee: I don't know you very well, Greenie, but you seem like a very talented special person. I hope to get to know you better soon. Ruthy.

From serpensortia: Greenie rocks. Where would I be without her? Still at the computer probably, but I wouldn't be smiling half as much as I do with her on my friends page. Your moods are infectious and I <3 you muchly Greenie! *glomps*

From clarissamalfoy: Hey green, I'm sorry about how you've been feeling. I checked again and you said you're fine, but I just wanna let you know that although we don't know each other, I'm here for ya. I've been through it. One night I had 36 tylenol and 4 ibuprofen. All it got me was out of school for three days. *weak smile* And also, don't be sorry, because you were going through a rough thing. Not your fault!! Okay, well. So come over sometime. *hugs*

From cette_vie: Greenie- you're one of the people whose LJs I love to read because you've always got something crazy or funny to say- keep them coming. Also, I can't wait to see the newest Peter/Sev additions for Leviosa. The OTP must be kept afloat, you know. We all love you and wish you wouldn't scare us like this. Anytime you want to talk, we're here. All my best, Aelia

From muffytaj: *takes a deep breath* Sometimes I am stupid, and sometimes I say the wrong thing at the wrong time, other times it's just the wrong thing at all times. We sometimes bite each others toes, and diss each others ships, but we still remain best friends. You admitted it biatch, so no going back on it :p I hope that all this helps, but I know that what I have to say to you, what I can and want to say to you cannot be condensed into a paragraph. Or maybe it can, maybe it can be put into three words, and a bit of my 1337 French and Latin skills. No language like a dead one, eh?

I love you. Ne oubliez. Ne quid nimis anyway *grins*

If you can give me one promise, and hold it to yourself when things go wrong and you feel along, then make me this one promise: Nunquam obliviscar.
Remeber that we love you, and that I love you. And that spoony and the sluggies would pine if anything happened to you, okay?

From danceupontheair: Greenie is a cool kid. Thats all there is to it. WE loff her very muchly.

From aliramalfoy: Greenie is the big sister I never had. She's always there to talk to, and she doesn't talk down to you or anything just 'cause you're younger or slightly stranger/serisouly high on Pepsi. (Me on both counts) She's always there to listen, and she supports you no matter what - especially when you stop believing in yourself. And since she shares a lot of my interests and is ready to talk about anything, she's always their when no-one else will listen.

From tabellae: Dear Greenie -

We don't know eachother that well yet, but I can tell I'm going to adore you. You're funny, sweet, interesting to talk to - or RP with, as the case may be - and while perhaps I wouldn't much notice if we never spoke again, I sure would regret the missed opportunity. I bet you don't want me, or any of us, making a big deal, but sometimes its a good thing to be reminded about how important even an acquaintance is - though I hope we'll soon be more than that. Hope, that's it, hope. Hope's the most important thing I want to give to you. The hope that you'll always have good friends to rely on, opportunities to enjoy yourself, and plenty of intelligent, beautiful people (such as myself) wanting to get to know you better. And you know what? Those hopes? They're realities.


From non_existent: Hey, Greenie, I don't know you all that well, but I loff you and I like reading your entries. You make me all warm and fuzzy inside. You fill my heart with laughter and my...

oh, look, Keanu is on TV.

*aherm* Anyway. You rock my non-Australian socks. Although I wish you were. We need to talk on AIM sometime, because we haven't in forever.

<333 you. Jamie

From duchessdollydot: Greenie's great-- really like her bunches. I was the first person she met on FAP way back in the day, and we've shipped several threads together since. Can't say enough good things about her. Not only does she have some of the prettiest icons on this side of the Bermuda Triangle, but she's lots of fun. It makes me happy when I get to chat with her during the day-- when she shows up unexpectedly, I sit at my computer and say, "Greenie!" and get excited. Because she's great-- I like Greenie lots and lots. Can't wait to get to know her better.

From aylapascal: Greenie, you are a wonderful friend. You are kind, loving but above all, you care about the people you talk to. You affect each and everybody you meet in your own special way. I, as a friend, care about you deeply and should you ever need a shoulder to cry on,
or a person to talk to, you can always talk to me. I promise I will listen and not repeat what I hear.

From mireille719: I don't know Greenie very well at all, I have to admit. I only met her during my very short tenure in the Giant Squid RPG. But she was very friendly, and very welcoming, and very eager to help me get involved in things. And reading her LJ has shown me that she's also funny, and talented, and just generally a very cool person. And she must be something
very special, for so many people to love her as much as they do.

I'm glad that I'm going to get the chance to get to know her better.

From alphariza: I <3 you lots, dear. You are one cool Aussie girl. You are simply wonderful. You're probably one of the nicest people I've ever met, and I'm great that there is someone like you in the fandom. We first got to know each other at the Gin 'n' Tonic board, and ever since then, I've thought you were the coolest person. Just know that I love you a lot and be happy.

And from me: Maybe I don't know you as well as I could. But I know you well enough to see what a wonderful person you are. You write brilliantly and you inspire me to write as well. Just the messages posted here should show you how much you're loved. Don't ever change, OK?

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