psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

OK, I'm all for receiving politely-phrased suggestions about future possibilities for my writing, but this comment left with Flashover is just taking it too far:

1. Can you write a story about the character St. John that tells of his life as a computer hacker and Warlock?
Or …
2. Can you write a story about the character St. John that tells of his life as a professional striper?
Or …
3. Can you write a crossover story using Ranma 1/2 and the X-men.
Or …
4. Can you Write a X-men fan or slash story where St. John is evil or a criminal.
He is willing to do anything except try to destroy or take over the human race, the world or bring hell on earth. He just wants power, influence and money. He only helps the X-men when it helps him. Bobby must work for him.
Or …
5. Use the book "Shadow Man" by Melissa Scott to write a slash or fan fic story for the X-men. All of the main characters one of all the five genders and use or make reference to nine sexual preferences from the book. If St. John is used he must be a herm, be or get married and pregnant at some point. Also all herms must be fertile.
Or …
6. Can you write a story using the X-men, where a biological weapon that was being created, studied, used, or whatever got loose and everyone in North America was exposed. As a result all females (human and animal) died, it affected the DNA of all males (human and animal) so that no more females can be created and a percentage (you decide how much) of the male population was turned into fertile hermaphrodites. Because the biological weapon tainted the water, soil, plants, insects and animals, it is no longer safe for females to live there. All human hermaphrodites have breasts and waist long hair.
Or …
7. Can you write a male pregnancy story were St. John gets pregnant by Bobby or another X-man character?

That was the entire comment. Am I just overreacting, or is that really, really pushing it?
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