psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

A sample of the most annoying reviews received on my drabbles:

On the "Hermione has to make a choice" one, from Someone Reading: whoa! time-out! Hermione and Draco? and what the heck kinda chapter is this? Too short! I've heard of giving a little, but this is ridiculous!

Write more now! :)

On the "multiple Smiths" one, there are two annoying reviews:

1, from Jennifer Jolie, who at least attempts to be nice about it) Sweeite, this could use some filling out... it's way too short. Agent Smith understanding arousal could easily be made into a few huge laugh-out-loud chapters on their own if done properly. If you keep it coming... and darling, sex will never be the equivalent of love. ^^ You could raise that.

2, from Micer, who's just an idiot) I feel cheated here... didn't think to check the word count but... yesh... I feel like someone said I was getting milk and cookies and instead had a glass thrown at my head.

Normally I make some comment about bare bones on detail/plot/ect - but this doesn't even have bones. Its a jelly fish of a story, a single celled organism - why in the living heck did you even put this up? On this one, even the next reviewer thought this comment was funny, and presumably not in a good way

Some other people said they were too short as well. Other reviewers got it, so what is it with these morons?!

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