psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Because everybody else is doing it...

... runs a successful restaurant that seems to get mentioned in every other post

... is sometimes overwhelmed by this

... suspects people of forgetting that he's only 19

... hates seeing his friends upset, or arguing with each other

... will do all he can to prevent this

... paints in his spare time (although he doesn't have much)

... is an art geek.

... has a pet snake named Pablo (after Picasso). Finds having a Parselmouth friend very useful in looking after him.

... used to be scared of small dogs

... used to enjoy horse-riding, but had an accident when he was twelve. He fell off and the horse trampled his leg. The bruises took weeks to heal, and he hasn't ridden since.

... doesn't like wearing anything on his feet, and goes barefoot whenever he can get away with it.

... in his sixth year, misguidedly let Seamus talk him into drinking some tatty whiskey. This led him to propose to Mrs Norris. He's never lived it down.

... went to the Yule Ball without a date because he was too shy to ask anybody. This was a good thing, because Fred accidentally hit him in the face and broke his nose. He spent the rest of the Ball in the hospital wing.

... was in love with Seamus at school. Never did anything about it, because he was terrified of ruining the friendship. Has now persuaded himself that they're better off as friends.

... now has eyes for Lee Jordan, who works for him. Is, however, aware that Angelina also likes Lee, so he probably won't do anything about that either.

... believes that spending money doesn't count when it's on other people. Therefore, will spare no expense when it comes to presents, even when he can't really afford it.

... is too nice for his own good.

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