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I finally got to see X-Men 2 today!

Niiiiiiiice foreshadowing. Liked the way Mystique looks similar to Kurt, with the blueness, and the yellow eyes and stuff - and I'm sure the characters will pick up on that in future. Also, how cute was the Kurt/Ororo stuff? And nice little phoenix effect at the end there.

And now on to the shallow fangirl part of my review:

Nightcrawlernightcrawlernightcrawler! With the praying, and the accent, and that adorable bit where he looks all proud about "Kurt Wagner, but in the circus in Munich..." before Storm hushes him. And the rescuing people, and looking all sad over Jean, who, really, he barely knows. And the just general all-round adorableness!

Let's just bump Kurt Wagner up to a permanent position at the top of that fictional-crush list, shall we? I think so. Yes.
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