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Today I have met:

Devon Murray
John Rhys-Davies
Billy Boyd
Tom Felton
Samantha Bond
Andy Serkis
Bruce Hopkins
Sala Baker
Paul McGann
Armin Shimerman
Virginia Hey
(kind of) Daniel Logan and Kenny Baker
David Prowse
Warwick Davis

Everyone was really, really sweet. That's my overriding impression of the whole thing. I met morganmuffle and her uni friends, as arranged, and tagged along with them for the day. We also met up with sparkyred, toft_froggy, ponchki and several others at various points. However, I didn't see angelislington. Sorry, Nevvie! Maybe I can see you off at the airport, or something?

Devon Murray is so cute! We went and talked to him for a few minutes, and he told us he hasn't finished shooting PoA yet, and it'll probably be another few months. Did we take any pictures with him, Sarah? I can't remember...

John Rhys-Davies is a tickle monster. Seriously. Every girl who had her picture taken with him got mercilessly tickled so she'd laugh for the camera. And he wrote on my photo: "Don't tell the Elf! Gimli (with an arrow pointing to Gimli's picture, cos it was the silhouette of the Fellowship), illegible, John Rhys Davies".

Billy Boyd is so lovely. We had to queue for ages to get to see him, but it was totally worth it. I gave him my Bagenders printout, and he read the first page, made some comments (along the lines of what a dirty story it sounded!), put it behind the desk and said he'd read it later. Then we posed for photos (he wanted to get that done all at once because his legs were tired with constantly getting up). And he signed my photo: "Where are we going? Kate, lots of love, Billy Boyd".

Tom Felton seemed a bit tired, and didn't really talk much. To be fair, he had been there for a very long time, poor love, and he is very young. But he signed my picture quickly: "Tom Felton (Malfoy)" and because I asked him to, he wrote "OTP" as well - on a photo of Harry and Draco. He blatantly didn't understand what it meant, and thought it was a bit of a strange request, but he did it anyway. It doesn't quite beat sparkyred's "Guns and Handcuffs", but it's close!

Samantha Bond was very nice, even when morganmuffle and I accidentally knocked her cup of coffee all over the floor. Even after that, she still posed for photos with all of us.

Andy Serkis was nice, and claimed not to be tired at all, when asked. And when the stewards were trying to hurry him up, I saw him making whip-cracking noises at Billy. They were both really relaxed about the time constraints, chatting away quite happily. Andy signed a picture for me as well: "Nice fissssh! Give it to us raw and riggling (sic)! Andy Serkis".

Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker were both very nice, talked to us and posed for pictures even though we didn't buy autographs from them. Sala Baker's huge! And we saw him again later, walking round the fair, with nobody paying him any attention. Benefits of playing a character where nobody sees your face, I guess...

Paul McGann was very sweet too. I actually went to see him twice, because the first time, he just signed my photo: "To Kate, love Paul McGann", but a bit later when he wasn't doing anything I got him to add "We've come on holiday by mistake". He did this without protest, unless you count him saying that life had just got weirder. If I ever meet Richard E Grant, I'm going to have him sign the same picture with "I demand to have some booze", or some such thing.

The last autograph I bought was from Armin Shimerman, who's not at all Snyder-like. He wrote: "To Kate, cheers! Armin Shimerman".

Virginia Hey now apparently markets her own brand of perfume. After we'd finished taking photos of her, she sprayed us all with some. It smells gorgeous, but unfortunately it was too expensive for us poor starving students!

I only saw Daniel Logan and Kenny Baker very briefly, because they both said they were leaving when I got to them. But I did talk to them both for about a minute...

David Prowse and Warwick Davis both posed for photos with us. Not much to say about them really, except that they were as nice as everybody else.

I will be having all my signed photos framed, and getting copies of most of the pictures morganmuffle took. All in all, although my feet hurt a lot, it was a very successful and enjoyable day!

It's now my mission in life to meet every member of the Fellowship, and many other people from LotR and other films besides, and get their autographs.
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