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For angelislington, a very silly multi-fandom metafic, written because she needed cheering up. Nevvie, if you have any further requests, don't hesitate to ask. And about meeting up, we can meet in London tomorrow if you want - I'm sure if we stay away from the main shopping streets, or make it in the evening, the protests won't be a problem. Or, failing that, maybe I could come to the airport to see you off, if you like? Anyway, enough rambling, here's your story!

The party in Nevvie's honour was in full swing. Guests had gathered from many different dimensions for her entertainment. The star guest was, of course, Pippin the hobbit (inexplicably wearing a kilt, although they wouldn't be invented until several centuries after his death), who had brought the other three famous hobbits along as well. They had spotted the buffet the second they arrived, and were now hovering around it protectively, glaring at anyone who tried to take any of the food.

Nightcrawler was bamfing around the room, making people laugh and occasionally stopping to tickle Nevvie with his tail, all the while watched in confusion by a man who looked remarkably like him, had it not been for the blue fur and yellow eyes.

There were three men cowering in the corner, who, on questioning, turned out to be Arthur Dent, Richard Mayhew and Guybrush Threepwood, and all suffering from a severe case of disorientation, having been thrown (again, in the case of the first two) into an unfamiliar situation without warning. However, it didn't take their respective companions (Ford Prefect, the Marquis de Carabas, and Guybrush's girlfriend, whose name this author has forgotten) very long to persuade them to come out of the corner and join the festivities.

Fred and George Weasley had arrived with their pockets full of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes inventions, and were now taking full advantage of the fact that nobody from their own dimension (especially not their mother and Percy) was there to keep an eye on them. Their former teacher Remus Lupin had accompanied them, but having been a prankster himself in his youth, he was turning a blind eye. They were also rather enjoying being around people who had no idea who they were, and therefore weren't at all wary of their offerings of sweets. Their current victim was Adrien Brody, who appeared to have temporarily turned into a large purple lizard. The twins were facing some competition in the form of Schmendrick the Magician, about whom no more will be said because this author has no idea who he is, and only put him in the story because Nevvie asked for him.

There was a small cluster of men from our own dimension, off to one side watching the proceedings with some amusement - among them might be recognised Peter Wingfield, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Michael Palin. One of their number was a rather handsome man with longish dark hair, dressed all in black with a leather jacket, who appeared to be taking notes - especially of the many and various alien creatures scattered around the room. Musical entertainment for the evening was provided by the Barenaked Ladies, with occasional interludes by Tori Amos and Neil Hannon.

Eventually, the party degenerated into chaos, with the guests slipping away in whatever cross-dimensional pairs, threesomes and moresomes Nevvie would like to imagine. But not before she'd had her pick of them, of course.

All in all, it was a most successful evening.

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