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Girl of Many Fandoms

5 June 1981
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All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone;
We must speak of other matters:
You can be me when I'm gone.

Flowers gathered in the morning,
Afternoon they blossom on,
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I'm gone.

--Neil Gaiman
adam garcia, alan cumming, alex krycek, american gods, androgynous boys, angel, angels and visitations, anne rice, arnold rimmer, arthur dent, aure entuluva, bedrooms and hallways, billy boyd, billy joel, blackadder, bon jovi, british sea power, buffy the vampire slayer, carlo giuliani, cate blanchett, cheekbones, chiwetel ejiofor, chris barrie, cigarettes and chocolate milk, cluracan, complainte de la butte, connor trinneer, coraline, craig charles, craig parker, crowded house, crystal maze, danny john-jules, dave lister, david bowie, david dixon, dean thomas, death, deathfic, delirium, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, dick barton, dirk gently, dominic monaghan, don mclean, douglas adams, dream, eddie izzard, elfslash, elijah wood, elladan/elrohir, enjolras, eowyn, ethan rayne, ewan mcgregor, fanfic, femmeslash, folk music, ford prefect, freddie mercury, frodo/sam, fuzzy blue elf, giles/ethan, glitterlove, good actors, good omens, guy pearce, haldir, harry potter, his dark materials, history, hitchhiker's guide, hob gadling, hobbits, hobbitslash, hugo weaving, jason merrells, john tams, johnny depp, jonathan creek, jonathan kerrigan, jonathan rhys meyers, joshua kadison, jude law, kurt cobain, kurt wagner, lee ingleby, legolas, les amis, les miserables, lestat, liv tyler, live music, lord of the rings, louis de bernieres, lucifer morningstar, malfoycest, marwood, merry/pippin, michael stipe, moonface, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nightcrawler, nirvana, once more with feeling, orlando bloom, paul mcgann, phillip schofield, pippin, priscilla, queen, red dwarf, richard e grant, richard o'brien, richey edwards, robin sachs, rocky horror, rufus wainwright, rufus wainwright's lisp, ryan stiles, sandman, sean astin, sean bean, smoke and mirrors, spike, starship titanic, steerpike, terry pratchett, the arcata eye, the cat, the corinthian, the dark is rising, the marquis de carabas, tim curry, tolkien elves, tom hollander, tori amos, twincest, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, weasleycest, will/bran, withnail, writing, x-men, zaphod beeblebrox


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